M98 Gas Mask Facepiece

M98 full face mask outperforms the exacting requirements set by police and first responders in critical situations. Designed specifically for protection against hazardous CBRN agents, its slim-line design allows easy integration with police helmets and visors.

The elastomer compound of the facepiece features excellent high temperature, chemical and ozone resistance as well as impermeability to gases.

The M98 full face mask can be fitted with 40 mm thread, EN, NIOSH and NATO approved CBRN canisters.

  • Lightweight mask with panoramic visor
  • Hypoallergenic elastomer construction for comfort
  • Easy-to-use hoseless drinking device
  • Spectacle frame for prescription lenses is easily secured to the ori-nasal mask
  • 40 mm filter connector accepts NATO-type thread canister
  • Designed for simple decontamination, disinfection and maintenance
  • Unique T-profile sealing edge for secure fit