Promask SIL

Already proven in a wide variety of industrial applications, Promask utilises a T-bar faceseal design, which provides a highly efficient seal with minimal pressure on the face.

Computer designed air path channels provide exceptionally low airflow resistance, reducing fatigue even for long periods of use.

Promask incorporates a wide panoramic visor to maximise the field of vision and a front mounted speech diaphragm for easy communication with colleagues. An optional hard coated visor is available to enhance resistance to scratching and solvents. The clear inner mask increases wearer acceptabilityand presents a user-friendly appearance to others.

Promask Sil provides the comfort and efficiency of the Promask design in hypo-allergenic yellow silicone.

  • Soft, pliable silicone
  • Yellow safety colour
  • Clear inner mask
  • Side (left) fitting filter port